HD/SD SDI, ASI distributor TX27

Distributor TX27 multiplies HD/SD SDI input to 6 outputs (to 3 ASI outputs). Input is equalized and all the outputs – reclocked. Distributor operates at any of 143MB/s, 270MB/s, 1.483/1.485GB/s speed. Standard recognition is automatic. Embedded audio passes-through as well. There are green led indicators on the front panel:
                             POWER – power on;
                             HD – HD SDI input;
                             SD – SD SDI input;
                             LOCK – signal presence.
There is 1A fuse inside box. Available as stand alone heavy – duty metal shell unit with external PSU or as 19” 1U rack mount unit with double (single) external PSU.

VM27 Panele


HD/SD SDI, ASI Signal distributor TX118

TX118 is quad HD/SD SDI, ASI (1 input to 6 outputs) signal distributor in 1U 19” rack. All of the inputs are equalized and all outputs – reclocked. Signal input presence indication is located on the front panel. Auto or manual standard control for each group is available. Additionally with short cables can be configured as:
                        2 IN to 11 OUTS each;
                        1 IN to 21 OUTS.
Available with 1 or 2 internal PSU and with 1, 2, 3 or 4 signal distributors in a rack as options.

                                   OPTION with 1 PSU

VM118 P

VM118 G

Analog Video Distributor TX17

Video distributor TX17 multiplies 1 input to 4 outputs. Device is available as stand alone unit with external PSU. Adjustable signal level and EQ provides compensation of 150m lenght cable looses. Each input can be DC or AC coupled. Suitable to distribute SD SDI as well.

  Technical specifications
Inputs: 1 analog video
Outputs: 4 analog video
Coupling: DC or AC
Bandwidth: 300 MHz (-3dB)
Diff. phase: 0,1°
Diff. gain: 0,1%
Connectors: BNC
Power: ~220V external PSU with not stabilized +7...+15V output
Dimensions: 52x44x35mm


TX17 out

TX17 in



Price (VAT not included):

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Analog Video Distributor TX8

Quad video distributor TX8 multiplies 1 input signal to 6 outputs. Each input can be DC or AC coupled. Adjustable signal level and EQ provides compensation of 150m lenght cable looses. EQ regulators on the front panel are optional. Each input has looping connector and allows to swith on/off 75Ωload. Quad analog video distributor additionally can be configured (with short cable connecting loop connector with OUT connector of another channel) as:
                   2 signals to 12 outputs;
                   1 signal to 24 outputs.
Distributor TX8 is suitable to distribute SD SDI signal.
Level adjuting of each channel is on the front panel. Level regulation limits, when Unom=1V are: Umin≈0.6V, Umax≈1.4V. Channel‘s gain K≈1 is on the marked position.

 VM80 P

VM80 G

Analog Audio Distributor TX81

Distributor TX81 with XLR connectors multiplies 4 balanced inputs to 3 balanced outputs each. Mode switch on the front panel allows to change audio distributor configuration:
              4 inputs to 3 outputs each;
              2 inputs to 6 outputs each;
              1 input to 12 outputs each.
Mode switcher has a safety cap to prevent accidental unwanted mode change. Each channel provides level adjustment from – 6dB to +11dB. All level regulators are located on the front panel.
The only alone 19" 1U audio distributor with XLR connectors to distribute 4 inputs to 3 outputs each in the market.

 VM81 P

VM81 G