HD/SD SDI, ASI distributor TX27

Distributor TX27 multiplies HD/SD SDI input to 6 outputs (to 3 ASI outputs). Input is equalized and all the outputs – reclocked. Distributor operates at any of 143MB/s, 270MB/s, 1.483/1.485GB/s speed. Standard recognition is automatic. Embedded audio passes-through as well. There are green led indicators on the front panel:
                             POWER – power on;
                             HD – HD SDI input;
                             SD – SD SDI input;
                             LOCK – signal presence.
There is 1A fuse inside box. Available as stand alone heavy – duty metal shell unit with external PSU or as 19” 1U rack mount unit with double (single) external PSU.

VM27 Panele


VM27 G

Technical specifications
Inputs: HD/SD SDI, ASI equalized (SMPTE 292M/259M/344M)
Outputs: 6 reclocked HD/SD SDI, (3 ASI) (SMPTE 292M/259M/344M)
Cable length equalizing: SD SDI – up to 340m; HD SDI – up to 120m
Standard control: auto
Connectors: BNC
Power: ~220V external PSU with not stabilized +7...+15V output
Dimensions: 83x43x35mm


VM27 P


Price (VAT not included):
HS/SD SDI, ASI DISTRIBUTOR TX27 (1 IN to 6 OUTS)                                              287€
HS/SD SDI, ASI DISTRIBUTOR TX27 with 19" 1U mounting panel and double PSU    346€

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