Textus Live

Real time sport games titling, especially with real time statistics information, is a great challenge and requires a perfect team work. Textus Live system, in conjunction with statistics info software, provides real time sport games titling with statistics data.TextusLive

Textus Basketball Client

Software Textus Basketball Client manages the titles during the live broadcast of basketball matches, including broadcasts from the studio before and after the match and during the main break. The software can retrieve statistics info from several sources:
      - from the own statistics software Textus Basketball Statistics;
      - from sports competition information systems Synergy, GeniusSport;
      - from data, entered manually. Textus LKL Client
It is possible to change the information manually, in case of loosing internet connection. Software Textus Basketball Client works with prepared in advance title project, which is loaded and launched in Textus Live. Software Textus Basketball Client provides a complete display of statistical information about the match, teams and each player. All required project titles are prepared using software Textus Editor. The entire project is created, saved and then run in Textus Live software. Caption management is done from the Textus Basketball Client. By connecting to the information systems Synergy, GeniusSport, viewers can be provided with absolutely complete statistical information about each player or team, used in modern basketball broadcasts.

Textus Logo

Textus Logo system offers functionality to insert TV channel‘s logotips. Logo image can be static graphic picture or animated video with alpha up to full screen. Logo system provides composition of the static logo and animated state at the required time. This function is very useful sometimes to animate a static logo. Digital clock is available on the air together with logo. LCDpaveikslasDigital clock can be positioned anywhere on the screen with any TRUE TYPE font of any size, color and different character attributes. Clock turning on/off is controled independently from the logo turning on/off. Remote control panel for 32 logos is available as option. In that case all of system functions are controled by the remote panel. GPI input provides a possibility to turn off logo by external device. 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios are available for SD. Four (4) independent channels with unlimited layers each allow flexible composing of logo, graphic, animation.LogSetup



Textus Air

Textus Air character generator is especially designed for live TV events. Controling system allows to be on air easy and fast. Textus Air system offers all functions you need for branding channel – 4 independent layers, static or animated logo, digital and analog clocks, digital timer, crawling, rolling, title‘s effects, video up to full screen, banners.TextusAir

Textus Voting

Live votingLCDvoting data on air – frequently used method to communicate with TV viewers. Textus Voting system accepts real time voting info and goes on air immediately. Voting data are provided by telephone company. Data can be stored in a simple text file, database record or internet www page. Templates are prepared with graphics editor software Textus Editor. You can choose any TRUE TYPE font of any size, color, different symbol attributes. UNICODE encoding is supported. Background can include graphic or animated video. Voting results can also be showed as moving graphic lines depending on percentage. There are several percentage calculation methods, chosen by the customer. Results can be automatically sorted out to have all records in a single line accordinglly to the amount of votes. Four (4) independent channels with unlimited layers each allow flexible composing of titles. Textus Voting system allows to go on air with SMS chat or similar info. SMS messages are provided by telephone company. Customer can select any font, color, different attributes for SMS messages text.