Textus Basketball Client

Software Textus Basketball Client manages the titles during the live broadcast of basketball matches, including broadcasts from the studio before and after the match and during the main break. The software can retrieve statistics info from several sources:
      - from the own statistics software Textus Basketball Statistics;
      - from sports competition information systems Synergy, GeniusSport;
      - from data, entered manually. Textus LKL Client
It is possible to change the information manually, in case of loosing internet connection. Software Textus Basketball Client works with prepared in advance title project, which is loaded and launched in Textus Live. Software Textus Basketball Client provides a complete display of statistical information about the match, teams and each player. All required project titles are prepared using software Textus Editor. The entire project is created, saved and then run in Textus Live software. Caption management is done from the Textus Basketball Client. By connecting to the information systems Synergy, GeniusSport, viewers can be provided with absolutely complete statistical information about each player or team, used in modern basketball broadcasts.
Software Textus Basketball Client include a separate set of titles for broadcasting from the studio, which can be performed before and after the match and during the main break. The exact time of the match is taken from the hall scoreboard. The following control protocols are supported: Stramatel, Nautronic, ESK. The time can also be set as the title, displayed from the camera, if for some reason it is not possible to connect to the clock from the scoreboard.
Software Textus Basketball Client can be installed on a remote computer, which can be located next to the playing field in order to better see and evaluate the events during the match and to derive the required titles more quickly.
Software Textus Basketball Client has a version for titling live broadcasts also of 3x3 basketball.
LKL championship, King Mindaugas Cup competitions are directly titled with Textus Basketball Client software together with other required software Textus Live, Textus Editor.
Technical specifications
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 10
Computer requirements: CPU benchmark > 8000; 4GB RAM; SSD 120GB; Display 1920x1080


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